Got a query for us? Take a look at answers to our most commonly asked questions below.

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Who is Hamro Plc?

Hamro is the leading independent company in the UK offering part exchange and chain break services on residential properties. Properties are normally referred to Hamro via new home builders and estate agents. Hamro Plc was founded in 2004 to provide part exchange services to McCarthy & Stone Retirement Living, and has since expanded into the new homes market.

How does the part exchange process work?

Hamro will arrange to have your home assessed by local valuers. Their valuations will be checked by our team, and we will then make an offer to buy your home. If you reject the offer, we close our file. If you accept the offer, we will instruct our solicitors to purchase your home according to your timescale. A survey will need to be carried out on the property prior to an offer being made, but assuming there are no hidden problems, you can plan your move with confidence. It really is that simple.

What’s the difference between part exchange and chain break services?

Part exchange involves the sale of your home to a builder (or a company such as Hamro that is acting on behalf of the builder). This service enables you to purchase a new home without the need to wait to sell your own home in the conventional manner.

Chain breaking works in a similar way to part exchange services. Your details are normally referred to Hamro by an estate agent or solicitor when either a chain has collapsed, or when there is no ready, willing and able buyer at the bottom of the chain.

Will you look at properties anywhere in the country?

Yes – we can consider properties anywhere in England or Wales.

Do you consider properties of any value?

Yes – we have no minimum price restriction.

What types of property will you consider?

We can consider most types of residential properties as long as they are can be mortgaged, sold, and are in ready demand.

How quickly can you buy properties?

Our timescales will usually coincide with the completion of the new home or the date you agree with your buyer. However, we can complete a purchase within 48 hours if required.

How much do you pay for properties?

Every case is individual, but you can rest assured that we pay the best price possible based upon the nature and saleability of each property.

Does the property I’m selling have to be worth more than my buyer’s home?

No. we can consider properties of a higher, lower or similar value to the property they are buying.

What does it cost to use your part exchange scheme?

It doesn’t cost you anything to use our scheme. We don’t charge you any fees when we make an offer or take a property in via our part exchange service.

Is part exchange still possible if the new home is not ready yet?

Yes. However, we need to complete the purchase of the part exchange property within 3 months of confirming our offer.

Will you need an Energy Performance Certificate to proceed?

No. If the home is not on the market, we do not require the seller to provide an EPC.

Do you offer a chain breaking service too?

Yes, we do. Sometimes, if an agreement cannot be reached on your buyer’s property, we can consider buying-in a property further down the chain.